Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Ski Season Almost Here!

It's been a haul getting through the fall.
So many things coming at us, yet what is most important is Raquel and her health.
Since having 7 teeth removed in September and some esophagus issues that followed to a point near breaking and contacting GI again to see about strictures she's been very healthy.
Of course little things like her fused toes and myself looking to having a couple of them cut to become open again as she's noticing pain in the little skin tomb pulling her toes back and under her foot.

But look at this smile!  Would you know?

Raquel and Cordelia hanging with friends in Whistler.

Dynamique has sent some images as the ski gets closer.

And the best photo of all from Raquel and my perspective is the frame all powder coated and perfect racer green!

I'm off to New Zealand to be part of a Debra International Congress.  I'll get to speak to what Debra Canada does for the membership and show off my super child!
A little on the busy side.  Maybe I can sit down on my massive flights and speak more about Raquel and her adaption into school......

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